Feelware PW

The universal retrofit kit for washing machines


Overview and advantages Feelware PW

Your washing machine becomes accessible with the universal conversion kit Feelware PW.


  • Feel the most important washing programs and functions

  • Easy learning with audible instructions

  • Compatible with washing machines with unique buttons and control knobs

  • Easy and durable mounting with strong adhesive on backside





Feelware PW conversion kit installed on a washing machine with a rotating control knob and buttons. The control knobs, buttons and the detergent compartment are equipped with tactile markers that have different unique symbols to identify the control elements and the switch positions.



Scope of delivery

The universal conversion kit Feelware PW consists of markers with tactile symbols which explain the functions of the controls with tactile features. The symbols are glued to the control panel and the control elements of your washing machine and come with an extra resistant adhesive which creates a lasting bond between your conversion kit and your washing machine.

With the Feelware PW kit, you receive:

  • Symbols for the important washing programs: Hot- / coloured wash, easy-care, delicates, wool and silk, time saver program

  • Symbols for the important functions of your washing machine: On / Off, modification of temperature and spinning speed, rinse, spin / pump, prewash and program start

  • Symbols to mark the washing detergent compartment

  • Audibel operating instructions on CD, printed user and installation manual with pictures and a cleaning cloth to prepare glued surface





A sighted person from your environment can install the Feelware PW conversion kit within 30 minutes. To mount the Feelware PW kit, four steps are required:

  1. Read the provide manual

  2. Assign the tactile symbols to the respective control elements and switch positions

  3. Cleaning of the surface that will hold the markers

Glueing the tactile markers
The installation does not require tools. Tweezers or a thong might be useful to grip the markers.



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