Test Feelware

Personal testing and exploration cannot be replaced by explanations. We have developed Feelware demo-kits to offer you the possibility to get a first-hand experience of our retrofit kits and the audbile instructions.

The Feelware C demo-kit ist compact and mobile and consists of three control knobs on a metal carrier.

Audible instructions Feelware C demo-kit

Audible instructions Feelware P demo-kit

Audible instructions Feelware PW demo-kit

You cannot find a demo-kit close to you?

To test Feelware C in the comfort of your home, we can ship a demo-kit to you. A small fee will be charged for the delivery and pickup of the demokit. This fee will be re-imbursed upon purchase of a Feelware C product.

A deposit of 40€ is required to ensure our Feelware C demo-kits can be made available to a large number of people. Of course, the deposit will be booked back to your account once the demo-kit has been received back from its trip to you.


Please reach out to receive a demo-kit shortly for testing.

Feelware demo-kits for professionals

You work with visually impaired people and you would like to present or sell Feelware products? We are happy to provide you with a demonstration-kit for long term use. Please contact us by mail or phone.

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