Retrofitted with Feelware knobs type C, electric cookers, hobs and ovens become accessible for visually impaired people. Feelware C operating knobs were developed in close cooperation with visually impaired people. The Feelware offering provides:

  • Baking and cooking with comfort and safety

  • Easy learning with audible operating instructions

  • Selection of home appliances

  • Easy retrofitting and assembly



Electric stove with six Feelware C control knobs.

Feelware P discs and markers with tactile symboles offer a professional accessibility retrofit for electric cookers at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The Feelware P retrofit kit is installed on the original control knobs of a cooker and prevents confusion of different knobs, safe switch-off abd the most important information about the functions of your cooker through tactlie symbols.


Please find further information about Feelware P here.

Electric cooker equipped with Feelware P. Installation of Feelware P on retractable knobs.

In this section, we present home appliances which fit the needs of visually impaired people.

The latest appliance in the consulting section: Cooker Bauknecht Heko München

The best explanation in written cannot replace personal testing and exploration. We have developed Feelware C demonstration-kits to offer you the chance to get first-hand, personal experience of Feelware C control elements and its audible instructions.

Further information about Feelware C demo-kits is available here.

Feelware PW - The universal conversion kit for washing machines

Operate the important programs and functions of your washing machine confidently and comfortably with the tactile markers of the Feelware PW conversion kit. The tactile symbols are attached to the control panel and provide superior comfort for a small price.

Further information about the eelware PW conversion kit for wahing machines is available here.

Washing machine equipped with Feelware PW. The rotating control knob, the buttons and the detergent compartment are equipped with tactile markers.

Feelware Markers / Bumpers

Mark your environment with Feelware tactile markers and symbols. Two versions of the Feelware markers are available:

1. Feelware Dots are versatile general-purpose markers with a prominent tactile dot on the front side.

2. Feelware Symbols are the first markers with unique symbols and they are best suited to mark items distinctively with tactile symbols.

Feelware markers are very durable as they are equipped with extra-strong adhesive.


Further information about Feelware markers is available here.

Electric cooker equipped with Feelware P. Installation of Feelware P on retractable knobs.

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