Personal testing and exploration cannot be replaced by explanations. We have developed Feelware demo-kits to offer you the possibility to get a first-hand experience of our retrofit kits and the audbile instructions.


During the development of Feelware control elements, we have developed a fairly good overview of the market for domestic cookers and we know which models are suitable for visually impaired people.

In this section, we want to present selected models to you. Please do not hesitate to conact us if you have questions or if you want to purchase a new appliance soon. We are happy to help you finding the right model for your requirements and budget.


Mark your environment with Feelware tactile markers and symbols. Two versions of the Feelware markers are available:

1. Feelware Dots are versatile general-purpose markers with a prominent tactile dot on the front side.

2. Feelware Symbols are the first markers with unique symbols and they are best suited to mark items distinctively with tactile symbols.

Feelware markers are very durable as they are equipped with extra-strong adhesive.


Further information about Feelware markers is available here.

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