Feelware Spices - labels for spices and and herbs

Feelware Spices - labels for spices and and herbs

With Feelware Spices spice labels you will find your spices straight away.


The robust and durable rings are labeled either with Braille or with raised black letters and fit the common spice jars from Ostmann, Fuchs and the brands of the grocery discounters. The rings are simply put over the spice jar and remain there until you attach them to the next jar. The labeling rings can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a soft brush.


Our set offers 6 pieces, 12 pieces or 24 pieces Feelware Spices spice labels do not match the number of spice jars in your spice rack? Write to us to order another number of Feelware Spices. We would also be happy to put together a set for various spice jars, e.g. a mix of Fuchs ,Ostmann and other containers, individually for you.


The labels offered do not match your labelling problem? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to produce suitable labels based on your specifications and wishes.


Scope of delivery:

  • Label for spice jar, height 12mm


  • Material: polyamide 12


Exchange and return

The Feelware letterings are made individually for you and are not custom-made and cannot be exchanged.