Feelware Marker

Feelware Marker

With Feelware markers you mark your environment according to your needs. Use Feelware markers to mark control elements or settings, e.g. on heating controllers or your coffee machine, and to make the devices more accessible. The markers are made of robust and resistant plastic and are washable. All Feelware markers are equipped with the particularly strong and resistant adhesive tape, to make your markings last.


The Feelware markers are available in two versions:


Variant 1: Feelware symbols
Feelware symbols are markers with ten clearly recognizable, different symbols. They are ideal for clearly marking different positions or settings. If you use the identical markers from two sets of the Feelware symbols, you can also easily identify and assign two related objects.


Signs in Feelware Symbols: semicircle, full circle, two points, three points, one line, two lines in parallel, star with three rays, cross, triangle, square


Variant 2: Feelware dots

Feelware dots are generic marker points with a small, distinctive dot in the middle. They can be felt very well and allow a very precise marking of a position.


Scope of delivery of Feelware symbols:

  • 10 pieces of marking points with ten different symbols
  • Cleaning cloth to prepare the glue points


Scope of delivery Feelware Dots:

  • 10 marking points with tactile markings
  • Cleaning cloth to prepare the glue points



  • Tactile marker material: Polyamide 12


Exchange and return

The markers can be returned if none of the supplied markers from the respective set were installed. The buyer bears the shipping costs and the risk of the return.