Feelware C - uncompromising comfort and safety when cooking and baking

Feelware C - uncompromising comfort and safety when cooking and baking

The Feelware C control knobs replace the original control knobs on your cooker and offer you intuitive, easy-to-feel symbols to record the functions and settings on your cooker. In addition, the control knobs are equipped with very high-contrast, large visual symbols and numbers.


We customize the control knobs so they match perfectly with your electric cooker, oven or hob. When designing the control knobs, we take your individual needs and preferences into account. On request, we can offer Braille lettering, emphasize visual symbols or equip your most frequently used functions with special markings.


Test Feelware C before you buy!

We would be happy to send you a Feelware C demo kit to test and feel before you make your decision. This way you can find out how the controls work and whether you feel comfortable with them without any risk. Send us a message to test a Feelware C demo kit in a timely manner:




Do Feelware C controls fit your device?

Feelware C controls are compatible with a large number of cooking devices with knobs. You can easily check whether Feelware C control knobs also fit your stove: To do this, pull a control button off your appliance. If there is a D-shaped shaft behind it with a diameter of 6mm, then your device is compatible with Feelware C. It is irrelevant whether the buttons on your device are fixed or retractable.


How do we ensure that the controls fit your device perfectly?

In order to be able to manufacture Feelware C control buttons for you, we need the following information from you:


  • Pictures of the device
  • Manufacturer and type of device
  • An original knob on the device. For cookers, this should be the oven's temperature selection button, which shows the temperature scale.


Scope of delivery:

  • Your individually manufactured Feelware C control buttons
  • An audible instruction manual on CD or, if requested, also as a download
  • Instructions for use in black letters
  • Feelware marking points as reference marks on the control panel



  • Material of the control buttons: polyamide 12


Exchange and return

Control elements that were specially made for your device are considered to be custom-made and cannot be exchanged.



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