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The Feelware P retrofit kit allows for a professional accessible conversion of electrical cookers for visually impaired people at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The most important learnings from the development of Feelware products together with visually impaired people are combined in this retrofit kit, to bring you joy and independence with cooking and baking.

  • Baking and cooking with comfort and safety

  • Easy learning with audible operating instructions

  • Compatible with most electric cookers

  • Easy retrofitting and assembly




Feelware P tactile markers are installed on the original control knobs and on the control panel of the cooker. Feelware P is compatible with most cookers and can be installed on appliances with fixed and retractable knobs.

The Feelware ​P kit comes with markers to:

  • Identify each knob on your cooker to avoid mix-up of the different control knobs

  • Mark six baking functions: circulating air, top and bottom heat, grill, and three other functions of your choice

  • Detect the temperature setting of your oven between 50°C and 250°C in steps of 50°C

  • Mark the Off-positions of each knob so you can be sure you have switched your appliance off


Retractable cooker knobs equipped with Feelware P.

From left to right: Two hob control knobs, oven function control knob with markers.

From left to right: Oven temperature control knobs, two hob control knobs.


Feelware P installed on fixed cooker knobs.

From left to right: Two hob control knobs, oven function control knob with markers.

From left to right: Oven temperature control knobs, two hob control knobs.

Baking and cooking with comfort and safety

​​Safe and precise control of your appliance is no longer a problem with the tactile markers of the Feelware P conversion kit.


  • Switch off safely
    The Off-position is marked with a distinct fillet which allows you to find the Off-position quickly and at any time.


  • Prevents confusion between control knobs
    Tactile symbols signal for every control knob, whether it controls the hob or the oven. Also the attribution of each cooktop to the respective knob works with Feelware P safely and within seconds.


  • Erfassen der aktuellen Leistungsstufe einer Kochstelle
    A tactile coil gives you a quick overview of the current setting of each cooktop, when the Feelware P discs are mounted on retractable knobs.


  • Selection of oven functions
    Markers with distinct tactile symbols for the most important oven functions air circulation, top and bottom heating and grill help you to select these functions safely. Additional makrers with easy to differentiate, generic symbols canbe applied according to your needs to mark additional settings.

  • Temperature settings of oven
    To select the oven temperatures, the temperatures between 50°C and 250°C are provided as tactile markers. They are installed at the respective position on the temperature setting knob help you to set the right temperatures for your dishes with great accuracy.


Audible operating instructions

The Feelware P retrofit kit comes with an audible operating instruction, just like other Feelware products​. With this instruction, you can learn the meaning of the different symbols easily and at your own pace.

The development of the audible operating instructions received the same attention as the development of the control elements, because we believe that a product is only as good as the access to it. The audible instructions guide you slowly and in small steps to the usage of Feelware control knobs.


Easy retrofitting and assembly

Feelware P discs and markers are installed with a strong adhesive. The installation procedure is explained and depicted in the manual and can be completed within 30 to 40 minutes without additional tools.

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