Feelware C - for electric cookers, hobs and ovens

Retrofitted with Feelware knobs type C, electric cookers, hobs and ovens become accessible for visually impaired people. Feelware C operating knobs were developed in close cooperation with visually impaired people. The Feelware offering provides:

  • Baking and cooking with comfort and safety

  • Easy learning with audible operating instructions

  • Selection of home appliances

  • Easy retrofitting and assembly



Electric stove with six Feelware C control knobs. The control knobs have tactile symbols and large white numerals on dark background.

Feelware C control elements are compatible with most cooking appliances with rotary knobs - regardless of whether the knobs are fixed or retractable. The original knobs are simply replaced with Feelware operating knobs. Indulge yourself with the independence and comfort of Feeware C operating controls.




  • Retrofit kits individually fitted to your existing appliance
    You are happy with your appliance but operating it becomes difficult due to visual impairment? There is no reason to replace a functional appliance. Instead, you can retrofit it with Feelware to make it accessible.


  • Accessible new appliances
    Your appliance is defective or you want to enjoy the comfort of a modern appliance? Feelware is available in combination with selected new appliances. Feelware offers access to cooking appliances of every standard, no matter if you are looking for a solid low priced model or a high-performance appliance.


Baking and cooking with comfort and safety

Tactile features on Feelware C operating knobs allow you to operate your appliance safely and precisely at any time.

  • Switch off safely
    The Off-position is marked with a wide bar. It allows you to find the Off-position safely.


  • Mix-up proof
    The shape of Feelware knobs for hob and oven are substantially different and be held apart easily. Additionally, every Feelware knob is equipped with tactile symbols on its face side which display if the knob controls hob or oven.


  • Quick and precise hob control
    While cooking, Feelware C control knobs help you answer the most important questions within seconds:

    - Which boiling plate is controlled by which knob?
    Tactile symbols on the face side show which boiling plate is controlled by the respective knob.

    - What power level is the boiling plate currently set to?
    A tactile spiral allows to assess the current setting of a boiling plate immediately. Lengthy turning to the Off-position and counting of tabs is not required anymore.

    - How can the power setting be adjusted?
    An Embossed scale allows for fast and precise adjustments of the power setting from the current setting. This way, you cook your dishes precisely, avoid it to overboil and save energy.


  • Selection of oven functions
    Use all functions of your oven with the help of distinct and easy-to-learn tactile symbols. The whole range of functions of your oven is at your disposal with Feelware.


  • Temperature settings of your oven
    Intuitive symbols help you to set the temperature of your oven precisely. Frequently used settings such as 160°C and 180°C are displayed seperately, so that you can set them precisely.

Easy learning with audible operating instructions

It is important to learn the usage of Feelware C control knobs quickly and with joy, regardless of whether you you use Feelware with your existing appliance of with a retrofitted new appliance. Feelware knobs come with audible operating instructions on CD which allows you to master the use of your appliance independently and self-determined. Tests have revealed that visually impaired people require three to four hours on average to learn the usage of an electric cooker which is retrofitted with six Feelware control knobs. The learning process is dependent on various personal factors and might take longer or shorter.

The development of the audible operating instructions received the same attention as the development of the control elements, because we believe that a product is only as good as the access to it. The audible instructions guide you slowly and in small steps to the usage of Feelware control knobs. Additionally, a summary of every chapter is provided to support you with refreshing your knowledge without listening to the entire instructions.

Selection of home appliances

The market for home appliances is extensive and the sales channels are not suited to the needs of visually impaired people. Furthermore, many cooking appliances are equipped with touch-sensitive controls are unfit fot the use by visually impaired people. Choosing a new appliance can be a lengthy and frustrating process for visually impaired people. In many cases, the search results not only in frustrations with the purchasing experience but also with an appliance which does not fit the requirements of the customer. 

We have a good overview of the market of coooking appliances and we understand the needs of visually impaired people. It is our pleasure to help you with the selection and supply of an appliance that satisfies your needs.

Easy retrofitting and assembly

Feelware C control knobs can be easily retrofitted by pulling the original knobs off and mounting the Feelware knobs instead. Additionally, markers need to be mounted above certain Feelware knobs.


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