Feelware voice output

Wouldn't it be convenient to teach an electric cooker or oven  how to speak so that the appliance could tell the people around it about its current settings? We at Feelware liked this idea so much, that we are developing a product that does exactly that. The Feelware voice output allows to teach a regular cooker with rotating control knobs how to speak.

Instead of guessing or memorising the settings as its user, the appliance tells its currents settings by voice. Comfort and safety while cooking has never been more fun.




Video Feelware voice output - German

Video Feelware voice output - English

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The Feelware voice output is currently under development and will be available in a few months. We would be happy to send you occasional updates to keep you informed about the development stage of the system. Of course, you will also be among the first to know when the Feelware speech output will be available for you.

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