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Wouldn't it be incredibly useful if you could teach an electric cooker or oven to speak so that the device could tell people around it how it is currently set? At Feelware, we liked the idea so much that we developed it into a product. With the Feelware Audio voice output, we can teach standard cookers and ovens with rotary knobs how to speak.

The patented Feelware Audio voice output gives the settings of electric cookers as a voice message as soon as the position of the rotary knobs is changed. Furthermore, the system repeats the current setting if desired, so that you are informed about the operating status of your cooker at all times. All that is needed is a tap on the corresponding knob. So you are always well informed about the settings of your household appliance. Cooking comfort and safety has never been so much fun.

Feelware Audio consists of intelligent Feelware Audio knobs and a voice output unit, the Feelware AudioBox. The original knobs of a cooker are replaced by the Audio knobs. The AudioBox is set up in the kitchen and connected to a power outlet. The Feelware Audio knobs record the setting of the cooker and pass the information on to the Feelware AudioBox, which outputs it as a voice message.

At Feelware you can buy new electric stoves and ovens in combination with the Feelware voice output. Alternatively, we can retrofit your already installed appliance with the Feelware audio voice output. The prerequisite for this is that the device has rotary knobs that can be removed.

Our speaking cookers

Feelware Audio Sprachausgabe and Elektroherd: Der Herd ist mit sechs Feelware Audio Drehknöpfen ausgestattet. Neben dem Herd befindet sich eine Feelware AudioBox. Feelware Audio voice output for electric cooker. The cooker is equipped with 6 Feelware Audio knobs. Next to the cooker is a Feelware AudioBox.

Electric cooker with Feelware Audio voice output consisting of six intelligent Feelware Audio knobs and the Feelware AudioBox voice output unit. The Feelware control knobs replace the original rotary knobs on the cooker. The Feelware AudioBox can be attached to the kitchen wall or placed near a socket.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Feelware Audio voice output for?

The system helps all people who do not want to let their vision impairment deter them from cooking and baking. The system was developed together with blind and visually impaired people and tailored to their needs. Of course, other people can also benefit from the Feelware Audio voice output.

What is the process if I want to buy a cooker or oven with vooice output?

We select cookers and ovens which are particularly suited to the needs of visiually impaired people and build the Feelware Audio voice system for these appliances. You can find the selected appliances in our online shop. We are happy to support your by phone to determine which model meets your needs. If you decide on an appliance, you can order it from us together with the Feelware Audio voice output as a package.

In case you prefer to buy your cooker from a retailer in your area, we are also happy to provide you with the matching Feelware Audio system as a seperate item.

I have recently bought a new cooker but I am struggling to operate it. Is it possible to fit Feelware Audio to a cooker or oven which is already installed?

Your appliance can be equipped with Feelware Audio speech output if you can answer the following questions with "Yes":

  • Is the device operated with rotary knobs?

  • Can you pull off the buttons on the cooker or the oven?

  • Does the rotary knob for setting the temperature on the oven have a fixed stop?

If you can affirm above question, your appliance can be equipped with the Feelware Audio speech output. To do this, the rotary knobs and the Feelware AudioBox must be must be adapted to your particular appliance. For this we need the following:

  • Manufacturer, type number and E number of the device. These are usually on a sticker in the door area of ​​the oven.

  • Pictures of: 1. Control panel 2. Cooktop, 3. Back of a removed rotary knob 4. Shaft on which the knob is attached, 5. Type plate.

  • To measure the buttons, please send us the buttons for selecting the oven function and temperature and for a hotplate. We measure them and send them back to you within a few days.

With the information received, we build a Feelware voice output with the right housings and the right program for your household appliance. This will be delivered to you with a delivery time of around 6 to 8 weeks. The installation is done in a few simple steps and without any prior knowledge in about 15 minutes. We recommend having this done by a sighted person.

How long do the batteries in the Audio knobs last and how can they be replaced?

The batteries in the Audio knobs last for at least 6 months in normal household use. You will receive an announcement from the Feelware AudioBox when the batteries will be depleted soon.
To replace the batteries, the cover of the knobs can be opened with the help of a coin. The electronics can be easily lifted out of the knob to replace the battery. Replacement batteries can be found in specialist shops or can also be obtained from Feelware. We recommend having the replacement carried out by a sighted person.
We also offer battery replacement as a service.

Can Feelware Audio be fitted to cookers with retractable control knobs?

Yes, most cookers with retractable knobs can be equipped with Feelware Audio. In many models, the knobs will not be retractable after they are equipped with Feelware Audio.

Cookers and ovens of the brands Siemens, Bosch and Neff are exceptions and their knobs are still retractable after they were equipped with Feelware Audio.

Can I fit my Feelware Audio voice output to another cooker if my current cooker needs to be replaces one day?

Yes, Feelware Audio can be adapted to a new cooker and we offer the required modifications if needed.

Is it possible to fit Feelware Audio also to hobs with touch-sensitive control elements?

Currently, Feelware Audio is only available for appliances with rotary knobs.

How does Feelware Audio actually work?

The system consists of intelligent Feelware Audio knobs and the Feelware AudioBox, a voice output unit with a loudspeaker. The Feelware audio knobs replace the original cooker knobs by simply pulling the original parts off and putting the Feelware knobs instead. Once installed on the cookers, the intelligent audio knobs detect the rotary position and thus the setting of the device. The stove knobs transmit the information about the rotary position to the AudioBox, from which it is announced.

Will I be able to switch my appliance off safely in case the Feelware voice output does not work?

Feelware Audio knobs come with tactile symboles which allow you to determine which  control cooking zone is still switched on and to switch it off safely.

Does the health insurance cover the cost for Feelware Audio?

At this point, the expenses for Feelware Audio are not coverd by the health insurance.

Will Feelware Audio be also made available for other appliances?

Yes, we have a plan to adapt Feelware Audio also to other appliances to let them announce their settings in speech.

How did you come up with the idea to teach home appliances to speak to their users?

By selling tactile conversion kits for appliances, we have learned that not everyone benefits from tactile markers or simply prefer voice output. This is how the idea of equipping appliances with speech started.

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